Payroll Computation and Administration Services

We take care of this complicated process that varies since each company may have its unique payroll structure consisting of various payroll components.

Our monthly payroll services include:

  • Preparation of monthly payroll ready for ready for signature and distribution.
  • Preparation of the employee earnings statements complete with current pay period and year-to-date wages, taxes, and adjustments.
  • Payroll journals that detail current payroll information.
  • Department summaries of month-to-date payroll data.
  • Report of cash needed to cover payroll expenses and tax liabilities.
  • Timely and accurate notifications of tax liabilities and deposits.

The taxation of expatriate staff members is a highly relevant issue for most foreign investors in Romania. GLOBAL BUSINESS GROUP ACCOUNTING currently assists its clients in making the transfer of their own employees to Romania under an efficient and cost-effective process. GLOBAL BUSINESS GROUP ACCOUNTING can assist in calculating the wage-related taxes owed by expatriates in Romania; preparing and filing out Romanian tax returns; tax relief according to the relevant double taxation treaties.

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