Corporate Finance Services

Our Corporate Finance Department has the double capacity of guiding the client through the Romanian legal and business environment, while providing Western-style financial assistance in a familiar format and complying with the IAS/GAAP standards.

As part of our corporate finance services we are also providing private equity and project finance services, with all auxiliary services designated to raising finance for the activities developed by our clients. Our services are therefore addressed to international companies seeking investments in Romania, and at the same time to local private or state owned companies interested in attracting financing sources.

The following specific activities are developed by GLOBAL BUSINESS GROUP ACCOUNTING as part of our Corporate Finance services:

  • Conducting comprehensive financial analyses;

  • Finding merger and joint venture opportunities;


    Preparing complete financial due diligence reports, working jointly with GBG’s legal services department;

  • Assisting in drafting business plans and cash flow projections;

  • Providing assistance with respect to any tax and/or accounting implications of the proposed business structure;

  • Structuring and negotiating any transactions that might be necessary to reach certain investment goals;

  • Providing the necessary guidelines in obtaining effective financing;

  • Integrating newly-created entities and operations.

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